What to Remember When Using a Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is your kitchen’s best friend. It is one of the things that could make the disposal of waste neat and systemized. You don’t want to just throw all your wastes anywhere, so you have to resort to this amazing kitchen machine. When you decide to buy a garbage disposal, you first need to come to various home appliance sites such as the iWaterPurification Foundation (iWP) to search for buying guide and reviews about best garbage disposalThere are a lot of things you need to consider when you buy this specific type of product.Using a Garbage Disposal

Now, this appliance really works, but not without you properly taking care of it. You need to remember some things prior to using it so that it will work out efficiently.

Here are the things that you should take note when using a garbage disposal:

Always keep your garbage disposal clean

To clean it, pour a little amount of a dish soap inside. Next, let the garbage disposal run for about a whole minute or even more than a minute using a cold water. Do this after washing your dishes.

Run your garbage disposal and do this regularly to keep it working. If you do not run it often, chances are, it may have corrosion and rust. Some parts may also not function well like they used to.

When there are food wastes, grind them by running a strong flow of cold water. Maybe you are wondering you need to use a cold water. It’s because a cold water solidifies grease and oils, making it easier for them to be chopped up before they reach the trap.

If there are hard objects, grind them. Hard objects include egg shells, fish bones, fruit pits, and many others.

Hard items can’t be avoided such as melon skins so if you have them, better cut them into smaller bits and pieces so they won’t get in the way when you are using your disposal. Once they are cut, put them into a garbage disposal one by one and not all at once.

Keep everything in the disposal biodegradable. Some people may just throw everything in it, not knowing that not every item should be placed there. Do not put anything in the disposal that is non-biodegradable. This machine is simply not a trash. They are intended solely for food scraps. If you put non-food items in your disposal, they may damage the machine’s blades and motor. Put them in a trash instead.

Things that you also shouldn’t grind are metal, paper, glass, and plastic. Also, add to the list the cigarette butts and any other things that are combustible.

Other things that you should not put into your garbage disposal are oil, fat, and grease. They have the ability to accumulate and impede the grinding function of your disposal. They also cause its drains to clog.

Also, take note that hot water is a big no when you are using a disposal. Using a hot water instead of a cold one when grinding a food waste liquefies and accumulates the grease, making the drains clog.

When you are grinding food wastes, do not attempt to turn the motor or water off unless everything is done. You can turn it off when the grinding activity is already completed. Just make sure that you turn off the garbage disposal first. Then, allow the water to run for about 15 minutes in order to remove any remaining objects. Lastly, turn off the water.

Corn husks, onion stalks, artichokes, and celery stalks should not be ground as they will jam the garbage disposal and even block the drains, making it impossible for the machine to carry out its task.

A garbage disposal has a limit. Do not put too many potato peels down the machine as the starches in the vegetables will just turn into a thick paste that makes it impossible for the disposal’s blade to work.

Again, a garbage disposal could not accommodate a large amount of food, so put food items into it a little at a time using a cold running water in order to have a better flow of the food items.

There are foods that are expandable such as rice and pasta and they should not be included in your garbage disposal. Water could only bloat them up, making it impossible for your garbage disposal to work efficiently because of clogs and jams.

Animal bones such as beef’s, chicken’s, and pork’s should also not be included in the disposal since they can also cause jams and clogs.

Do not put into your disposal coffee grounds because they accumulate in drains and pipes, making it impossible to avoid clogs. Yes, coffee grounds help eliminate the foods but they can’t guarantee efficient grinding activity for your disposal.

Avoid using bleach or drain cleaners or anything that has harsh chemicals in it. These products can cause damage to the disposal’s blades and pipes. You can use a cleaner that has mild elements such as Borax which is known as a natural cleaner and sanitizer. Borax can eliminate unwanted odors and molds.

Use an ice to clean your garage disposal

Not only effective, ice also doesn’t cost you a lot of money. It cleanses the disposal and it sharpens the blades. It even breaks up oils and greases that accumulate the machine. How to do it? You just have to toss a few ice cubes into the disposal, run it, and you’re good to go. The ice cubes’ work is to scour all the hard objects to reach the unit’s area. They melt down the drain so the machine will function well. You should do this cleaning method at least two times a month so your disposal will work out well.

Now, this is a very important precaution. Do not ever attempt to insert your hand into the garbage disposal. You might get badly injured or worse, you may lose your hand. If you use your hands, be sure to unplug the unit or turn off the circuit breaker so you are safe. Also, use safety gloves for your full protection.

These are the things that you have to remember when using a garbage disposal.

Remember that this is not a machine that accommodates everything. It only considers food items, so you have to know the do’s and don’t’s that are mentioned above to keep the machine working properly.


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