3 Major Health Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender oil

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A beginner’s guide to Essential oils

It’s obviously an exciting feeling ordering your first essential oil kit. Maybe you read about it somewhere but all you can possibly remember is it’s heavily concentrated and must be used wisely. You can’t really remember exactly how to use it and you are a little afraid and nervous of the bottle. Well, it’s for this, plus many other reasons, that this beginner’s guide to essential oils exists, primarily to get you started easily, quickly, and safely on key things you need to know about essential oils.

To begin, here’s a brief history on the evolution of essential oils.

essential oil

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Evolution of essential oils

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Basic Facts about Essential Oil

So, what’s the fuss about essential oil, anyway? What’s so great about it that most people like to use it to even address some minor medical issues? Essential oils have been used for centuries, and they contain natural substances that are believed to help to alleviate the symptoms of ailments. So, how do you choose the one that fits you better? How do you use the oil, anyway?

Understanding the Essential Oil

essential oils

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Essential oils and the elderly

The good applications of essential oils to the elderly will certainly leave you in awe. It compliments traditional therapies and has been shown to cure a number of conditions not even any of the current medicines can come close to. To the elderly, it’s by all odds an alternative natural treatment that compares to none.

Essential oils

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