Guide to Foot Cream Types and Their Uses

Most of us take our feet for granted. The foot is vital to health and more important for mobility, carrying as for more than 184,000 KMs in a lifetime. It’s no wonder foot issue is very common especially when we get older. Taking care of your feet always is crucial, for seniors foot problems if not took care in severe cases can lead to the need for institutional care if not being able to love at home.

By simply reading in the website or refer here, you will find helpful tips for threatening as well as preventing foot problems, although not a substitute for medical care. If any of your foot hurt, you need to see a professional orthopedic or simply a nurse. The guide only explains the available types and uses of foot creams in the foot cream

Why invest in an expensive foot cream?

Our foot deserves to be pampered and taken care of now and then. Don’t be frightened by the cost of foot creams; you can quickly show the required love for your feet without a budget to spend at high expensive foot spa salon.

There’re plenty of foot creams included for you to use in taking care of your feet. What you need to consider is which foot cream type you will need that best works for you.

Exfoliating Foot Cream

It’s a kind of foot cream that comes with naturally moisturizing ingredients as well as small granules to help shed off the dry foot skin. It’s one of the best foot creams in the market you need and want. Foot to accumulate a lot of dry and dead skin if not removed regularly may lead to heel cracks that cause a lot of pain. Accumulated dead skin if not exfoliated leads to calluses that further develops various foot issues such as cracked heels.

Moisturizing Foot Cream

As its name suggests, the primary purpose of this product is to keep the foot skin healthy soft and moisturized. It’s one of the best foot creams for dry foot and cracked foot skin. No matter how many times you scrub and exfoliate our feet, foot skin looks dead and unhealthy if we don’t use some moisturizing cream. For regular foot maintenance and recovering from cracked foot use moisturizing foot creams. The cream commonly used for daily foot care regimens, especially during a workout.

Healing Foot Cream

We need not forget the healing foot cream used to treat severe cases of cracked heels. Cracked heels are common when we don’t treat calluses or when it’s too late to manage. The foot accumulates dead skin and eventually cracks causing pain and looks awful.

Healing foot cream contains an ingredient that boosts wound healing on the heels and helps treat dry damaged foot skin. The best heel cream is super sterol liquid. It’s a very popular in skin care compound that speeds cracked heel healing process of the foot skin. The foot needs also boost foot skin epidermis protective layer preventing open skin infection

Anti-infection foot creams

The last type of foot cream is anti-infection creams, a foot cream that gets rid of yeast infection as well as athlete’s foot. Anti-infection foot creams mainly contain Neem oil one of the potent antifungal and some of the best in the market.

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