Reasons Why You Should Use Oil Diffuser

If you have a problem with sleep or smell in your house, you may think about air freshener or other. For some people that have smell issue in their house, they will buy freshener depends on what they like. They will put into the room they need to make a good smell. For those who have a sleep problem, they usually make herbs tea that is believed helpful to make ease in improving the quality of sleep. We all know that tea of herbal may sound gross but when we need, thinking the taste is not an important thing as we need ease. Actually, there is a simpler way to make it easy. That is oil diffuser that will give you more ease in making you sleep well. You can choose smell that can help you to sleep well because of its smell. There are many reasons why people are more recommended to choose diffuser than air freshener that has been popular before. The simple thing behind it is not the smell but the natural source for homes is far more important. We all know that smell from the diffuser is coming from essential oil like herbs and other ingredients. It will turn few drop of oil into the smallest particle that will be spread to the house.

Air freshener

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So when we are going to bud a device, we should know why we have to buy this thing, why we are recommended to buy this device. It avoids regret in the future when we think that there is more useful and cheaper device than this. So let’s discuss one by one about the benefits of oil diffuser. Sometimes we don’t know how to explain but to make fast and easy to understand, let’s us talk one by one. The first benefit is to save times. We all know that there are still many people that choose to burn the candle that has certain aromatherapy then the smell will be spread. It is time-consuming in preparation, but, when you have had oil diffuser, you just need to put the essential oil and then let the device work and no need to burn the candle or making heat. You just need to choose the fragrance you want for your house and pick some package that may interest you. The second benefit is to save money. Imagine where we should replace the air freshener at certain times, there will be more budgets spent in making smell in our house.

Air freshener is not rechargeable since you will throw away when they are no longer available, you have to buy a new one and then put to freshener device. It is different from using diffuser since you just need essential oil that comes with a cheaper price. You also save further budgets since you only need to buy the oil and not the device. The third benefit is a good booster. The good booster we mean here that the aroma from essential oil is helpful for a mood booster. It is when we have no idea when our kids are too easy to change the mood. Through natural aromatherapy, this diffuser can be powerful to give ease to those kids or adults that have a sleepless problem, mood problem or mental clarity. It is not that easy but it depends on how we set our minds to receive the command about the influence of natural smell. Once we have known or accepted the command from the aroma, we will know how to use this smell from essential oil to boost our mood and sleep problem.

Natural is the priority

When we have chosen this oil diffuser, we have to know always that the main thing of this is its natural source that will not harm our healthy like the issue you get from air freshener. We all know that almost all fresheners come from the synthetic smell that might be a problem in our respiration and that is why choosing diffuser has more advantages. Somehow, a healthy mind and body can be really important and then choosing the additional device for the house is a bit more difficult since we now prefer to have natural material from many things including this diffuser. We have to choose authentic oil and no need to find air freshener again since we have been sure about natural priority on choosing devices and another furniture for our house.

4 Facts About Humidifiers You Can’t Do Away With

Your baby coughs relentlessly, and you decide to take him or her to a hospital for some check-up. The doctor recommends that you use one best humidifier for baby, but you don’t know how to go about it. This is because you have more than enough reasons to doubt using humidifiers on your kid. There are also more than enough reasons to give it a try. The confusion between the two sentences exists simply because it is almost impossible to come across an appliance without issues. You will encounter pros as well as cons.

However, there is one thing you are strongly advised not to fall for, and that is misconceptions. What you must keep in mind is, appliances like humidifier will only benefit you and your baby if you understand clearly what it takes to get the best out of it. You must also be in a position to distinguish between what’s good for you as well as what’s best for your baby simply, for safety reasons. In this article, I’m going to take you through a brief overview of the facts you should know about using a humidifier on your baby before you decide to purchase it.Humidifiers for Babies


One intriguing fact is that humidifiers aren’t luxuries or antiques meant to decorate your home. They are specifically designed to enhance the quality of the air you and your baby breathes. They do this is by, killing harmful pathogens that thrive in your home air such as bacteria, fungi and more? They also increase the levels of humidity that is useful in preventing complications caused by dry air such as, sinus, colds, flu and more. Humidifier’s main purpose is to protect your baby from infections, improves the air he or she inhales and most importantly, boosts his or her immune system.


Even the most expensive humidifier with great specs might not give you everything you are looking for. Getting a humidifier that will perfectly, meet your baby’s needs requires you to spare some time on research to avoid disappointments. When you go to the market, you will probably come across, ultrasonic humidifiers, cold-mist, UV germ-free humidifiers and more. What you must keep in mind is that they will give you the same results, but not all will be perfect for your baby. For example, warm-mist humidifiers boil water before dispersing it in your home air making it dangerous for playful kids simply because they can tip it over pouring hot water that may cause burns.


Just like any other machine, humidifiers get dirty, become faulty and the worst, fail to work. All this depends on how you maintain it. To get the best service, you need to ensure that your humidifier is clean all the time, free of faults or anything that might compromise its performance. For example, when you are using devices such as cold mist humidifiers that feature a wick filter, you must be aware that the dirt that remains behind accumulates inside the humidifier. Dirt in your humidifier will mix with the water you pour inside the device making it harder for the wick filter to filter off more dirt compromising that quality of the air your baby breathes. To ensure that your baby breathes clean air, you need to clean your humidifier regularly.


You don’t use a humidifier carelessly and expect to get the best results from it. Just like using any other appliance or a machine, using a humidifier requires you to be more careful especially when you are using it on your baby. You should also be aware that their primary purpose is to maintain the proper levels of humidity in your home air and not to exceed it. Contrary to their main purpose that is to get rid of pathogens in the air your baby breathes, humidity can also encourage the growth of other microorganisms that is if it exceeds the required level. Instead of improving the quality of air your baby breathes, high humidity will lower the quality of your home air putting your baby at risk. To do away with this problem, it is vital that you measure the level of humidity in your home air or buy a humidifier with an adjustable humidity level.

No one can deny the fact that a humidifier is one of the great appliances ever invented for healthy living. The benefits are out of the question, and the best part is, they pose no threat to health. However, just like any other appliance, humidifiers can’t escape some few compliments as well as criticism. There are more than enough misconceptions that might guide you to make a wrong decision. What you mustn’t forget is that humidifier’s main purpose is to add moisture to the atmosphere meaning that, it should only be used when the level of humidity is low. One great fact about using these devices on your baby is that it will eliminate all sorts of harmful pathogens from the air your baby inhales reducing chances of illnesses. However, if not used properly, they won’t give you the best results.

Why Body And Brain May Be Interesting To You

A variety of topics are discussed in this article:

  • Coenzyme q13 is a potent anti-oxidant that is needed to maintain healthy cell membranes and protect the body from free radical damage
  • Ginkgo biloba is a potent blood-thinning herb that is widely known as a heart tonic
  • the juice of the prickly plant is a natural way to lower blood sugar
  • the study of the heart rate was five times more effective than those who were taking aspirin

More On Eat

The most important thing to remember is that the most effective way to prevent heart disease is to take supplements. The first thing that you should do is to get a good deal of the supplements that are manufactured from the food you eat. The second step in the process of getting a good heart attack is to take a look at the food you eat. The third step is to get a good heart checkup. You should also eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. Furthermore, you should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. [Read more…]

3 Major Health Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender oil

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Lavender oil is really beneficial nectar which is actually extracted out of purple flowers that are part of lavender plant. It is a shrub that is aromatic in nature and is even called commonly as English lavender. It is the kind of the plant that had it’s origin in western Mediterranean region. It is found cultivated in various parts of Australia, Europe and U.S. The oil that is extracted from this plant has got so many health benefits which is the major reason for this plant to be so popular and made it a very frequently grown plant.

Anxiety, Sleep and Comfort

Lavender oil can be used in essential oil diffuser so that you can get the aroma spread all over the home. There are so many advantages that you get when you are making use of the lavender oil. The major benefit that it gives is for helping in fight with anxiety. There are chances for you to easily get so many evidences regarding the same. Lavender oil needs to be combined using carrier oil like jojoba and almond so that you can get the massage oils that you need. There is also a recent study that has revealed the fact that making capsule out of this oil can also help in fighting anxiety. It is a condition that most of the individuals may be going through.

It is possible to get the essential oil diffuser and spread the lavender oil all over the room so that you get better quality sleep for more time. Sleep is very much important in our life for staying healthy and strong. Getting good sleep is actually an issue that most of the individuals may face and the essential oils like lavender ensures you to provide you with better sleep that you regain what you actually get.

When you are back from work or from a stressful environment and you get to smell lavender oil you may feel really much relaxed. Lavender oil does have a soothing nature that makes your mind feel great and relax. It is really a great way for you to feel great and come out of any worries.

Hair, Skin and Pain

Hair is usually an asset for both men and women and we are really ready to do all that so hair looks good and thick. Lavender oil can be used to massage the scalp daily so that you can come out of the situation of too much hair loss. It can actually help you in causing hair to reduce the fall out. It cans stop hair loss in substantial manner and also can encourage the hair growth too well.

Skin related problems like fungus on skin can be dealt by lavender oil. It can help in providing the skin with great smoothness and also protection of the natural polyphenol. It is found in natural creams due to this nature of the lavender oil. It is good for you to actually get this oil for skin.If you are having pain on your body you can apply this lavender oil and massage so that you get great relief from it. Most of the individuals may find this oil as really very good for your body and makes you much comfortable and good.

Respirator Disorders

Lavender oil can be filled I essential oil diffusers so that it reaches all over the home and also you get to smell what you need for your respiratory system. There are so many respirator troubles which can be alleviated with the usage of the lavender oil. Most of the people who have got the issues like sinus congestion, asthma, cold, cough, flu, infections etc to actually take lavender oil as vapor. It is also good to apply it on skin of back, chest and also neck so that the effect is again good. You can find lavender oil as an ingredient in most of the inhalers or vaporizers that are found in the market. Phlegm can be loosened with the lavender oil so that coughs and also colds can easily be alleviated. It can actually speed up the whole process of recover and also help body for eliminating phlegm naturally.

A beginner’s guide to Essential oils

It’s obviously an exciting feeling ordering your first essential oil kit. Maybe you read about it somewhere but all you can possibly remember is it’s heavily concentrated and must be used wisely. You can’t really remember exactly how to use it and you are a little afraid and nervous of the bottle. Well, it’s for this, plus many other reasons, that this beginner’s guide to essential oils exists, primarily to get you started easily, quickly, and safely on key things you need to know about essential oils.

To begin, here’s a brief history on the evolution of essential oils.

essential oil

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Evolution of essential oils

Essential oils were actually mankind’s first medicine. Information from Chinese manuscripts and Egyptian hieroglyphics clearly reveal how physicians and priests used essential oils for thousands of years. Not forgetting to mention Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Aztecs of North America who largely made use of the oil for medicinal purposes, massages, baths, as a fragrance, amongst many other uses.

Evolving technology continues to expose more hidden powers held in essential oils, which perhaps makes it one of the most valuable and highly treasured natural treatment. So what exactly is an essential oil as of today?

Essential oils defined

An essential oil is a subtle aromatic and concentrated compound distilled from botanicals ( trees and plants). It contains vitamins, hormones and antiseptics that perform various roles to our body systems, mostly our immune system and brain system.

Back to the bottle. So how do you tell if it’s the real, organic and ethically crafted essential oil or a synthetic or an outright counterfeit.

First off, read your labels. If on the name tag it lists anything besides an essential oil or doesn’t display anywhere significant words like EOBBD tested or therapeutic, then it’s possibly a counterfeit. Also, ensure the percentage of essential oil is above 20%. The expiry date doesn’t really matter a lot except for the citrus oil, which has a self-life of 2-5 years based on storage conditions.

Most Commonly Used Essential Oils for Beginners

Not every essential oil is good for a beginner. For instance, it wouldn’t be a good idea to start out with oregano essential oil as it’s a very strong essential oil that should carefully be diluted to taste under an expert’s instructions. So the most common ones that would be best for beginners include the Peppermint, lavender and Lemon oil.

Each certainly has its own distinct roles, besides the common ones we all know of. You might want to check them out.


lavender products

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Lavender is pretty much good for everything. Always have this bottle with you. Here’s a number of things it can assist you to deal with:

  • Skin problems
  • Relaxing your emotions ( Managing your emotional well-being)
  • Treating headaches
  • Assists to alleviate insomnia
  • Gentle to use on a baby.

More infomation about Lavender Oil

Lemon oil

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  • It’s a disinfectant. When added to water, it advances your cleaning. You can as well use it to kill germs.
  • It purifies drinking water and eliminates toxins.
  • It will enhance your mood.
  • Assists with respiratory issues, mostly coughs and colds.


  • It relieves nausea and calms down a stomach-ache.
  • It stops headaches
  • It helps to soften muscles, especially after workouts.
  • It can get rid of mice
  • Helps to soothe a sore throat
  • Helps to eliminate fevers
  • Treats sunburns

How to use essential oils

There are a number of ways which will enable you to make the most out of essential oils. All of these ways we’ll look at are proven and successful ways that have enabled most people fully utilise the essential oils. They include:


You can add a few drops of the oil to a bowl of hot water. With a towel over your head, sit and bent to inhale the vapour. Alternatively, you might as well add a few drops to your hankie, hold it your nose, then inhale every few moments. However, avoid this method if you suffer from asthma or if it’s a young child using it.


You can seek the services of professional massage services or you can do it yourself. But don’t use more than 5 drops per massage.


Once your bath is running, add a few drops of the oil (5-10). To mix it with water, you can blend the oil with milk then add it to your bath.


You can add a few drops of the oil to the shower tray before turning on the taps.


You can buy from the variety of oil burners available in the market then add some few drops of the essential oil plus water to it. Or you can mix the oil with water then pour it in a spray bottle. The lavender oil always works best here.


Finally, you can begin your experience with essential oils now. Don’t fret anymore. Keep in mind all the details we’ve examined on this beginner’s guide to essential oils. As you put each of them into practice, you’ll certainly become more comfortable and accustomed to how essential oils can be used in many other different ways, like for the elderly. In fact stay tuned right here as that is what you’ll be learning next.

Basic Facts about Essential Oil

So, what’s the fuss about essential oil, anyway? What’s so great about it that most people like to use it to even address some minor medical issues? Essential oils have been used for centuries, and they contain natural substances that are believed to help to alleviate the symptoms of ailments. So, how do you choose the one that fits you better? How do you use the oil, anyway?

Understanding the Essential Oil

essential oils

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Specific parts of plants are extracted or distilled in order to get the essential oil particles. Plants have different kinds of parts and most of them can be used in the extraction, such as the bark, resin, flowers, peels, roots, and leaves, Ancient Egyptians made the oils by putting the plants in oil (soaking them) and then filter the oil through a special linen bag.

Essential oils are known for their natural antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory benefits. This is one reason why the oil is also called as a healing oil because it helps to alleviate the symptoms without creating side effects. Different kinds of oil will result in a different manner. The essential oil for treating burn will be different from the one for treating sinus. Or essential oil for better and improved sleep is different from the one for treating headache. It is advisable that you have your own book of therapeutic aromatherapy. They provide different lists of essential oils – complete with the functions and applications.

Applying the Oil

The essential oil can be used in three different ways: you can inhale it, ingest it, or apply it on the skin. It is important to remember that when you choose the topical method (apply on the skin), there are also other alternatives to think about, such as massage, bath, compress, or spray. In case you are totally clueless, it is crucial to consult an aromatherapy expert. Although essential oil can be beneficial, applying it directly to the skin without diluting it can cause negative reactions, such as a minor burn or allergies. It’s better to be careful than sorry.

Methods of application depend on the condition and also the desired effect. For instance, if you want to treat wounds, it is best to use topical application. If you want to improve mood, you can use both topical application and inhalation. If you want a faster reaction, inhalation is the best way. If you want to enjoy the relaxing sensation, you can use the bath implementation – which will include topical absorption and also inhalation.

Inhalation Method

The essential oil is very effective when used in inhalation techniques, involving different devices and techniques.

  • Some diffusers use water while some don’t – it depends on the usage directions. Some diffusers may use heat while some may come with timers. Diffusers can be very effective in blowing fine oil particles into the air, but be sure that you choose the best essential oil diffuser.
  • Dry evaporation. You drop some oils into tissue or cotton ball and leave it be. You can place it close to you for constant exposure, but if you want a more intense result, you can sniff on the tissue or the cotton ball.
  • Simply prepare a bowl of hot water and add some drops of the oil, this simple action will cause the essential oil to evaporate. If you have a certain medical condition, you can drape your head with a towel (make sure the bowl of hot water is inside the towel) and breathe. Close you’re eyes when having this treatment, and don’t use more than 2 drops of oil.
  • The oil is mixed with water and placed into a spray. If you need an aromatic scent, simply spray it into the air. But remember to always shake the bottle before spraying as oil and water don’t mix.

Other Alternatives

There are still more alternatives for the application or usage of the oil, such as:

  • You should dilute the oil. Soak a dressing cloth and then apply it directly on your skin. Whether you want to have cold or hot compress, it is up to you. Such compress is also good to treat stiff joints.
  • This is one of the most relaxing techniques. Add several drops of oil into the water, so the oil can be absorbed by the skin when you soak yourself into it.
  • Mix several drops of oil with water. Gargle and then spit it. Never swallow it. For instance, you can mix a glass of water with a single drop of tea tree oil to treat a sore throat and its accompanying discomfort.



Essential oils and the elderly

The good applications of essential oils to the elderly will certainly leave you in awe. It compliments traditional therapies and has been shown to cure a number of conditions not even any of the current medicines can come close to. To the elderly, it’s by all odds an alternative natural treatment that compares to none.

Essential oils

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Some of the conditions among the elderly that essential oils will certainly take care of include:

  • Dementia
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Skin ulcers
  • Constipation
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Promoting relaxation
  • Stimulating appetites
  • Energizing
  • Respiratory infections
  • Blood circulation
  • And many more

In essence, using essential oils qualifies as a great way of helping the overall health of the elderly. But since the tendency of older people to get frail is high, certain precautions need to be taken. High incidences of health complications are naturally very common with older people. They actually belong to a special category and so they rightfully deserve these precautions so as they can enjoy a myriad of essential oil benefits without experiencing any bad side effects. So let’s have a look at them.

Keep the amounts at a minimum

As one ages, many of the body processes also undergo changes. They may not necessarily work as they used to. Some will probably be faster while others will be slower. So when you are using the essential oils, it’s best if you begin with a single drop as opposed to five. This will help you find your right dose.

Stick to organic and ethically crafted essential oils

An essential oil of lesser quality will possibly contain synthetic contents. These contents are harmful to everyone and mostly the elderly. In fact, those that meet the accepted standards are more potent than those of low quality. Most hospitals and doctors prefer to use the therapeutic grade which is perhaps the best choice you can use as well.

Consult with an expert before use

It’s somehow common to be on multiple prescriptions when one is old. You might have a number of drugs on the line including the blood thinners. Such essential oils as cinnamon, clove, balsam fir and others boast of anticoagulant properties (blood thinning properties). For this reason, it’s always best to consult with a doctor before embarking on using them.

Seek to know the benefits before using them

The benefits of using essential oils are certainly greater than you may think of. While in your 80s or 90s, it’s always good to ask to know about the specific benefits before choosing what really works and is suitable for you. Keep in mind that each essential oil has its own distinctive roles.

Take caution with grapefruit essential oil

If you are on a prescription that prohibits the use of grapefruit, it would be best if you keep using grapefruit essential oil. If you ignore, the resulting condition could be worse, especially for the elderly.

In summary, always examine the profile of the essential oil. This will assist you to determine if it’s been cautioned against a specific health problem or medications.

Top 4 ways you can use essential oils to care for the Elderly

The majority of the homecare givers remain at crossroads when it comes to which way to best take care of the elderly. This includes everyone else who is tasked with taking care of the elderly. So here are ways you can use to take good care of them in achieving the aforementioned.

1. Promoting alertness

When you want to enhance alertness among the elderly, get a cotton ball and place a drop of peppermint oil on it. Ensure you have it nearby. Peppermint oil is popular for its superb energizing properties and will do a great job especially during the day when an elderly person needs to be picked up to eat or perform another role.

2. Encouraging sleep

First, ensure you have a pillow case. Pick a cotton ball, have on it few drops of lavender oil and then stuff it inside the pillow case. The majority of baby care institutions have praised the sleeping properties of lavender oil, particularly the lavender scented soaps, which equally applies to adults.

3. Stimulating appetite

Get ginger, cardamom, or citrus bliss essential oil and wet a cotton ball with drops from any of them. Thereafter, stuff it somewhere into your clothing or a covering that’s well protected at around meal time. Have it close to your nose. Besides stimulating appetite, this technique will be particularly helpful to those struggling with weight issues as it has in the recent past shown to be effective in reducing weight.

4. Relaxing effect

Here, indulge in a bath few minutes to bedtime and ensure you’ve sprinkled into the water a few drops of lavender oil. Soon after the relaxing effect will be felt throughout your body.

Aggressiveness, Insomnia, restlessness and mild pain

Lavender oil remains the best option to use in this case. For the elderly, it’s best when it’s gently massaged into the hand or arm. This should take around 10-15 minutes. Of course you can include the legs, back or shoulders. This will certainly work wonders in dealing with any of the above states.

In conclusion, it’s worth noting that the elderly equally deserve to benefit highly from essential oils, just like the other groups. Thankfully, this is very possible. But always keep in mind the extra care that must be taken as the elderly certainly belong to a special category. Everyone else too should take care when using essential oil which certainly forms the basis of our next post. So keep yourself locked here so as to learn tips on how to use essential oils safely.